IYFABW @UBB Student Chapter

As promised, we are committed to empowering women in leadership positions and bring a new learning experience to improve the higher education system in Cambodia. And here are the seven members of our first student chapter at the University of Battambang in Cambodia.

IYFABW provides school supplies, clothes, and cash to young students and about 150 impoverished families

International Youth for a Better World organization joined the effort with Khmer-American entrepreneur Chiev Maly and young Cambodian entrepreneur Sothep Sunthon in humanitarian action by providing school supplies, clothes, and cash to young students and about 150 poor families, whom are the victims of HIV crime committed by a doctor in Roka village, Battambang, Cambodia.

Sponsoring poor students at Phom Kundal Primary School

Researching and donate some books, pens, pencils and other to the students at PhomKunDal School in Kasdal Village,  KompongLapov Commune, Somlot District Battambang Province, Cambodia.

  • The school is about 100 kilometers from Battambang provincial town. We spent about two hours to travel there.
  • PhomKunDal School is located in a rural area in Battambang Province, Cambodia. We went there to do the survey and provide some materials such as books, pencils, etc. (that we received from a small fundraising in Battambang) to students there. Many of them go to school without school supplies and decent uniform.
  • There are three classrooms, five teachers, fifty students and one toilet in this school.