Chandara Un

When Chandara Un found out about IYFABW, he said: “countless people helped me get to where I am today, and I want to do the same for future generations. As the first-generation Cambodian immigrant, I feel a strong connection to the IYFABW mission.”
Chan is currently a senior accountant on Arabella Advisors’ finance team. He is responsible for a variety of accounting functions, including maintaining the general ledger, supporting the financial reporting process, and assisting the firm’s annual audit and tax return. He also maintains financial reporting and recordkeeping for Arabella’s family foundations.
Before joining Arabella Advisors, Chan worked for three years in public accounting, providing tax services to individual, for-profit, and nonprofit clients in various industries, including professional services, information technology, and research and development. He helped clients with tax and financial planning, tax preparation, and state and local tax compliance.
Chan has a BS in accounting from the University of Richmond and is currently sitting for his certified public accountant distinction.