Organization Background

IYfaBW is a nonprofit organization that partners with local communities to develop the next generation of local leaders and change-makers. IYfaBW change-makers are dedicated to solving the problems that face their communities and making the world a better place. The IYfaBW professional development program helps them grow leadership and advocacy skills to achieve their goals.

Core Values

We embrace diversity and recognize that different communities have different needs. We strive to find common ground among diversity. In an increasingly interconnected world, we must endeavor to balance a local focus with a global network for long-lasting and widespread progress to occur.


The imbalance and lack of representation in leadership positions are the core problems of dysfunction in society. Lack of young people in local, national, and global leadership is our primary focus subject. Young people who are competent and determined to make progress that is advantageous for society cannot efficiently implement their plans due to lack of supports, resources, and networks.

Problem Solving Strategy

Our first project is to help Cambodian people improve the education system and health system in their community. We select a team of future community leaders and change-makers in Cambodia. We train them to assess the central issues of these two challenges in their district. Then they are going to identify the problems on their own, and we will observe the problems from the outside. After that, this selected team will present their result including issues and suggested-solutions that they have to us. We will evaluate and make a proposed plan by discussing with our team members to seek the best strategic solutions. Then we will provide resources to our selected team in Cambodia and work with them to tackle those issues

Why this problem is everyone’s problem

When a part of a massive ship leaks, sooner or later it will sink. The same is true for the world. When one community does not function well, it leads the next one to be dysfunctional. This ripple effect inevitably applies to a country and the world. We all live in the same world, and thus we have the same future. If we are irresponsible or think it is not our responsibility to help our neighbors overcome challenges, no matter where we are, our turn will come. Societal problems are the problems of everyone in society.

Achieving our mission

Given the background of IYfaBW’s founder, we chose to begin our work in Battambang province, Cambodia. We communicate with government officials, local businesses and non-profit organization leaders, teachers, parents and youth in Cambodia to find the most pressing challenges, then work to set goals and strategies for developing the community. With the combination of our knowledge, skills, and resources, we will train select youth to be community leaders and change-makers. We will provide training to these leaders and change-makers to help them assess the issues and develop sustainable solutions for their community.