Hong Sok

His name is Sok Hong . He is a resident who lived in Battambang Province, Cambodia. He’s just graduated from his high school since 2019. He was also pursued to the university. Obviously, he chose E-commerce for his major which it’s relatable with technology. And the name of his university is National Institute of Post ICT and Telecom(NIPTICT) Furthermore, the reason that he decided to involved in this position is he wants to change his country to get  full of the human resource , he loves making a new peoples ,and he wants to contribute to complete organization’s passion will be successful .In briefly, he is satisfaction with this passion and he promise he will try to expand this chance to be successful and he also intend to share what he’s learnt to his last generation. And he provides one quote that is “ sharing is the happiness, and it’s also a duty for the people in this society”.