Joyce Cheng

Joyce heng is pursuing her B.A. in Human Biology and a minor in Global Sustainability at the University of Virginia. Her most significant involvements at UVA include participating in the Virginia Student Environmental Coalition (an environmental activism group), volunteering at The Heritage Inn (an assisted living and memory care community), playing in Kinetic Sound (an instrumental music group), and conducting public health research. Her family is originally from China and her immigrant parents have taught her the importance of hard work and obtaining a quality education, inspiring her to become involved in IYFABW. She plans to go to medical school to become a practicing physician in the future. Her career aspiration includes assisting and empowering marginalized communities that do not receive adequate healthcare, such as minority groups, elderly populations, impoverished people, immigrants, or communities affected by environmental injustice. Joyce is also passionate about social justice and environmental sustainability, as she believes these two issues are the most crucial aspects of creating a strong, mindful, and ethical society.