Researching and Taking Photos at PhomKunDal School

Researching and Taking Photos at PhomKunDal School in Kasdal Village,  KompongLapov Commune, Somlot District Battambang Province, Cambodia.

10th November 2018

Our Team

  • Chamroeun Toch
  • Mean Nara
  • Timeng Kong
  • SingHour Ros
  • Puty Mern

The school is about 100 kilometers from Battambang provincial town. We spent about two hours to travel there.

  • PhomKunDal School is located in a rural area in Battambang Province, Cambodia. We went there to do the survey and provide some materials such as books, pencils, etc. (that we received from a small fundraising in Battambang) to students there. Many of them go to school without school supplies and decent uniform.
  • There are three classrooms, five teachers, fifty students and one toilet in this school.

  • This is the road to go to that school. At one point, due to road condition we decided to leave the car and walked to the school by carrying supplies and materials.

Supporting students Phum Kandal primary school

International Youth for a Better World (IYfaBW) is supporting students who are living in poverty to continue their study in Phum Kandal primary school, located in Kandal Village, Kampong Lapov Commune, Samlot District, Battambang Province, Cambodia.
IYFABW provided school bags and materials to a group of young children in a primary school, in rural area Battambang province, Cambodia.