Panhapich Chea

PanhaPich is a second daughter of the three in her family and now she is pursuing bachelor degree in two universities. Pich is an independent strong teenager in her society, she confidently stands and fights alone for what she believes is right. She was all alone by herself since she was born. She was a second daughter but her older sister didn’t live with her and the family, Pich’s older sister was living as a little princess with elders relative and cousin. Her parents are always off from home to work to make sure our family lives well like others and we get high education. PanhaPich used to live her life so stressed because she thought that she is the only one who believes that one day her society will change if we try together. She was bullied by the babysitter because she was just a child. She was bullied by her teacher while she was studying kindergarten because she protected herself and her little sister from the teacher’s daughter. She has to stay home alone with her little sister to avoid getting bitten by the teacher again. She got bullied when she started highschool at one private school because she was a new student and she was too confident but she chose to stand strong and fought for her right as a paid student too.Then, everything went well. Next, She got low grades because there was no real education during main classes and she didn’t join the extra class, because it was a waste of money. They only go there to talk and get the answer about what will be in the exam. After that, because Pich is a type of person who has low budget going to school also, love and care about other more than herself, she got betrayed by her own bestfriends, she was taken for granted by the whole class, she stand up for the class but there is not even one by her side. She realized and made the decision to be alone. She never shared any things with anyone even her family never knew how her school life was. She can’t even stand looking at her parents’ weary faces. She was little but she can’t even rest while staying home until the place that called home didn’t feel like home. None of the family members, relatives, teachers, friends understand her. She was always to louded to explain things that no one would open to listen to her. Her BIGGEST goal in her life is “ no matter what Pich will be in the future, she will change the cruel parts of this society.” Thanks to her parents that didn’t spoil her, so that Pich can always be confident to find her passion and to get the chance to know IYFABW, the place where I don’t feel alone anymore. “Your Life, Your Choice”