My name is Ricky Wojcik and I am the student consultant for International Youth For A Better World’s chapter at the University of Virginia. I am a rising third year studying commerce. I got involved with IYfaBW in my first year after meeting the founder, Thomith Chin, in class. I was inspired by Thomith’s story and his dedication to his mission.

As a student consultant, I advise the IYfaBW team and help guide our efforts to accomplish IYFABW’s mission. I strongly believe in our mission to train and support local civic leaders and change-makers around the world so that local communities have the capacity to address their own challenges, and my intention is to ensure that the chapter at UVA can take the most deliberate and efficient action to achieve this mission. We believe that by adhering closely to this mission, our team can make a big impact.

I also help to develop a strong network to support IYfaBW within the organization and beyond. The UVA chapter is always looking to grow its team with members who are passionate about the mission and we believe that everyone has a place in IYfaBW. We are currently working on developing a team of specialized leaders to manage important pillars of the organization. These pillars include community outreach, fundraising, web development, marketing, and more. I am thrilled to be working with IYfaBW as a Student Consultant and as part of the team at UVA. The UVA chapter is where IYfaBW’s mission was created and is a great place to make a global impact.

I currently live in Colorado and I love to ski. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and solving problems through business. I find sustainable business particularly important because it lays the foundation for a strong economy, prosperous opportunity, and stable livelihood. I believe all of this begins with young leaders and innovators.

I have been fortunate to live in many places around the world and to travel. I have learned immensely from other cultures, and it is important to me to give young people the tools and resources to become leaders in their communities. I am very excited to be working with IYfaBW and look forward to growing our team.