Visal Sorn

Visal is an outgoing, optimistic, and open-minded person who is looking to make things happen rather than waiting to see what will happen. She wants to make her society and the world to become a better place by learning as much as possible and accepting challenges.

In between 2011, Visal had enrolled studied for a BA in English Literature at one university in her home town in Cambodia, but in her third years she did not complete due to financial circumstances. Since then, she started to work as volunteers with local and international organization across her country. For gaining experience of work and having connection with different communities, in the same year, visal could get opportunity to work as part-time job with HelpAge International organization in Cambodia. For working with her fresh role in this organization, she worked as an assistant of doing monitoring and evacuation by conducted interviews with elderly villagers about rural health issues, agriculture, and climate change. In order of this work, she also Data entry and statistical preparation through Microsoft Excel which is help her lots to pursue her social work.

Visal, with her bilingual English and Khmer language fluency and community volunteering experiencing, in 2009-2016, again she worked as research Assistant and Translator for Matthew J. Trew, anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her role of this working is organized and conducted interviews, prepared statistical analysis through Microsoft Office, and performed archival research.In August of 2016, Visal Sorn has received a scholarship to study at Asian University for Women which is a private, liberal-arts institution known for empowering