Who We Are

IYfaBW is a nonprofit organization that partners with local communities to develop the next generation of local leaders and change-makers. IYfaBW change-makers are dedicated to solving the problems that face their communities and making the world a better place. The IYfaBW professional development program helps them develop life, leadership, entrepreneurship, and advocacy skills.


The mission of IYfaBW is to train and support local civic leaders and change-makers around the world so that local communities have the capacity to address their own challenges.


We aim to become the most significant international organization that predominantly led by young leaders, to work with every country around the world to build their community into a more just and prosperous society.


One goal, one focus, one result. We believe in focusing on One goal at a time because when all of our resources are devoted to a singular focus, we can produce real results more efficiently.

Our Goal: We aim to work in Cambodia for up to 3 years to train, support, and produce 300 entrepreneurs, change-makers and leaders.